CIENPI 2021-China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry

CIENPI 2021 -China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry will be held in Beijing,we are the leading trade show stand builder and exhibition booth design supplier offer booth display solutions in Beijing,Tianjin,Qingdao,Hainan,Shenzhen,Hong Kong and Macao.


Exhibition name:CIENPI 2021-China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry

Exhibition  Date: 14 - 16 Apr 2021

Venue:China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power will serve the whole nuclear power industry by building the all-rounded and comprehensive networking & working platform for all participants.

Blades and Turbine-generator

Core & fuel, Reactor & reactor coolant system, Reactor pressure vessel, Reactor internals, Steam generator (SG), Control rod drive mechanism (CRDM), Containment vessel, Reactor coolant pump and ECCS

Electrical system 
New high voltage equipment and Emergency power supply system

Instrumentation & control 
Digital control system (DCS), Application of ergonomics in reactor control, Date acquisition system and Qualification of software

Waste disposal 
Liquid waste treatment, Solid waste treatment, Radwaste disposal and Gaseous waste treatment

Operation & maintenance devices 
Maintenance robot and Inspection equipment

Computer aided design in nuclear power station & computerized documentation management

Various pipes, pumps & valves

Engineering machinery & special tools

Welding, machining, heat treatment & assembly technology

The standardization plan of nuclear equipment

Nuclear accident emergency communication devices

Nuclear safety & protection equipment & materials

URD, EURD & series development of NPP


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